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Medical Information

Medical Exam Form

All athletes must receive an annual pre-participation physical examination. These physical examinations are required by law in North Carolina and will cover the athlete for one year from the date of the current physical, not from the date the physician signed the form. A licensed physician, physician’s assistant, or nurse practitioner must complete the physical examination portion of the medical exam form. Proper completion of the form should include the athlete and parent filling out the medical history portion and providing signatures indicating permission to participate in sports, consent for treatment, and the assumption of risk of injury.

Copies of this form will be on file with the Athletic Trainer. An additional copy of this form will be placed in a folder and given to each team’s coach for use should an emergency situation requiring medical attention/treatment arise.

All physicals must be turned in to the athletic trainer PRIOR to try-outs.

Download the Medical Exam Form (Please make a copy to keep at home as well.

Download the NCISAA Parent/Student Athlete Concussion Education Form


Athletic Medical Clearance Form

If an athlete enrolls at NRCA with a pre-existing injury or illness that has required the care of a physician, he/she must have written clearance for participation before he/she will be allowed to participate in any practices or games. Parents must have the treating physician fill out and sign the Athletic Medical Clearance Form. The physician must state in writing when the athlete may resume athletic activity, and any limitations to athletic participation, if they exist. This form will also be required for any athlete who has been removed from activity due to an injury/illness which required a physician’s care.

Any athlete who has not filled out and returned the required paperwork will be withheld from all athletic activity (conditioning programs, practices, or games) until the Athletic Trainer has received the required paperwork and releases the athlete.

Download the Medical Clearance Form


Injury Protocol

If an athlete is injured, coaches must report the injury and/or refer the athlete to the Athletic Trainer. Coaches should not attempt to judge the severity of an injury or an athlete’s ability to continue participation in practice or games. If an athlete is sent to the Athletic Trainer, the Athletic Trainer will attempt to follow-up with the coach that day.

The Athletic Trainer will evaluate the injury to determine what course of action needs to be taken or if the athlete needs to be referred to a physician for further evaluation. The Athletic Trainer will contact the parents of the athlete to discuss with them the best course of action. In the event that an athlete requires emergency medical care, first aid will be rendered and the parents will be contacted as soon as possible.


Referral to a Medical Specialist

If the Athletic Trainer is of the opinion that a particular injury requires referral to a medical specialist for further evaluation or treatment, he/she will contact the parents of the injured athlete in order to make arrangements for that athlete to be seen by the proper medical professional. Coaches do not have the authority to make referrals to any physician without the approval of the Athletic Trainer, except in cases where emergency care is indicated.

Before the athlete can return to athletic participation, the Athletic Trainer must receive and review all medical records pertaining to the injury. It is the responsibility of the athlete and his/her parents to insure that the physician forwards all requested information.


Return to Activity Following an Injury

Athletes who have missed practices or games due to a particular injury or illness must be re-evaluated by the Athletic Trainer before they are allowed to return to active participation. Any athlete who has been under the care of a physician for a particular injury or illness must turn in a completed Athletic Medical Clearance Form to the Athletic Trainer.

Written clearance to participate does not guarantee that the athlete will be able to immediately return to the highest level of activity in their particular sport. Therefore, it is important for the Athletic Trainer to re-evaluate an athlete in order to determine the athlete’s readiness to return to activity and at what level of activity it is safe for the athlete to return to participation. Coaches must communicate with the Athletic Trainer BEFORE allowing an athlete to return to activity following an injury. Please follow the Athletic Trainer’s recommendations.

Any athlete who fails to report an injury or who fails to report being treated by a physician for a particular injury assumes all risk for continued participation in practice or contests.

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